Getting Your Property Ready to Sell in Spring

Are you planning on selling your property in Spring?

Well now is the time to start preparing as Spring is just around the corner. Getting started now will give you a good foundation to be ready to go for a Spring listing.

We all have busy lifestyles so the more you can do now the less stressful it will be when the time comes.

Here are some simple suggestions on getting your property ready:

1. DECLUTTER- Go through every room and get rid of what you don’t want to take to your next location. This can be a time consuming task so best to start now. Creating extra space will be more appealing to the potential buyer.

2. MINOR REPAIRS- Buyers love a home that is well maintained and little repairs required (even if you are an investor). Their immediate reaction is “We can just move in” and you never know you may just get top dollar for this. So start cleaning that roof and gutters, repair those fly wire screens, repaint those walls, clean the carpets, re polish the floors. You don’t have to go crazy but seriously doing these minor tasks could make all the difference in the end and a stand out to the rest.

3. GARDEN PREPARATION- Obviously Spring is the growing season but if you start the manure fertilisation process now and buy some nice plants, you will have a garden that will spring to life in the next few months.
Potted colour is another way of jazzing up your garden areas. We particularly love this touch at front entrances, you know “First Impressions”.

4. ENGAGE YOUR AGENT NOW- Now is the time to meet and chat with your preferred agent. This will give plenty of time for both of you to discuss your options, organise times, dates and photography.


With many services available we can help you get your property ready for sale. It’s a sure way of taking the stress out of the process. We would love to be part of your selling journey and help you get the best outcome.

If you would like to know more or would like one of our brochures sent out to you with the packages we have on offer, email We look forward to working with you soon.

Lisa x