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Introducing Milk Paint by Fusion- a new line of curated mix-and -go shades designed to bring an instant boost of colour to your space. Milk paint, made modern.


  1. Mix It. Start with 1 part water, then add 1 part powder, then stir with a whisk for 1 minute.
  2. Paint It. Using any brush, apply Milk Paint to your surface. Each coat dries within 15-30 minutes and can be re-coated immediately once dried.
  3. Finish It. Apply a top coat to seal your Milk Paint and bring out the true depth of colour! This will also protect your paint with a finish that lasts generations. Hemp Oil and Furniture Wax are great and easy to use options!
    Tip. Applying Milk Paint to a surface that’s not a dull finish or bare wood? Bonding agent makes the impossible possible! Be confident knowing there will be no chipping, flaking or peeling. Even dull finishes may sometimes chip if there was a previous coating on the surface. Mix on part Bonding Agent into 1 part premixed Milk Paint before applying.
    Always try a test area to practice and confirm process and outcome.

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