Selling Your House



*Manicure lawns and garden beds
* Lay fresh mulch
* Touch up any tired paint work
*Waterblast any dirt or mould on areas such as driveways, verandas, patios & your roof ( this includes any bird poo on your roof)
*Repair any broken flyscreens
*Make sure all surface areas are free of cobwebs
* Have your windows professionally cleaned
* Make the front entrance inviting with potted colour or plants
* Invest in a new doormat it makes the entrance more welcoming


*Hire a mini skip bin and throw away anything that you have been hoarding or that is broken etc. You don’t want to take the crap to your next destination. It’s cleansing to the soul if you do it now, trust me you will thank me later…make way for new beginnings I say.
*Walk through each room and write down what needs to be done within the room.
* Do any light bulbs need changing?
* Paint any rooms that need a freshen up and get rid a any coloured feature walls. Coloured walls can be off putting to potential buyers so better to have neutral coloured walls, buyers can visualise the space better.
* Fix any repairs that need to be done around the home like; dripping taps, loose handles on doors or cupboards, squeaking doors (a little WD40 will work wonders, this also works magic on your stainless steel surfaces), holes or dents in plaster, missing tiles etc.
* Clean oven (can someone come and professionally clean mine please!!!)
* Have windows and carpets professionally cleaned
* Eliminate any traces of animal odour or hair, trust me you do not want to trigger anyone’s allergies. They won’t want to set foot back into the place (yep and I am one of those annoying people)


A prospective buyer looks at how much storage space there is in the home. So please clean out and organise all cupboards, drawers, wardrobes, pantry and maximise the space. Trust me everything that opens and closes will be inspected.
* Give everything a home
* Clear all surfaces and benches to just the essentials that you use daily and be mindful that this can sometimes still be too much. (observe and pull back again) Kitchen’s especially, females will look at how much bench space there is.
* Declutter your tables, buffets, dressers, consoles, coffee tables, etc… Remove everything that isn’t decorative or absolutely necessary.
* De-personalise your house. A prospective buyer wants to be able to picture themselves in your home. So limit all wall decor and remove family photos wherever possible. Don’t forget to remove all unused picture hooks and touch up any holes, marks etc.

* Remove any knickknacks and replace with simple decorations like a vase of fresh flowers…so pretty and inviting.
* Plants and green foliage are my best friend so don’t be afraid to introduce lots of greenery, it just lifts the home instantly.
*New towels in the ensuite and bathrooms are a must. Keep them to neutral tones if unsure what colour to use.
* Freshen beds with new bedlinen if possible and keep the design simple.
* Floor rugs are a great tool for layering and creating a homely feel and disguising any worn or stained floor coverings.


* Turn all lights on including lamps.
*Open all window furnishings to their full potential, you want to let in as much natural light as possible.
* Have background music playing it relaxes the mood.
*Have candles burning they give ambience to the room as well as a pleasant smell.
*Fresh flowers on the dining table or kitchen bench adds colour and a happy vibe to the room.
*Have any features of the home in operation eg. water features, spa baths bubbling away, open fires blazing, surround sound systems operating, sprinkler systems going as any water flowing is relaxing to the ear
(that’s all I can think of at the minute but you get my drift)


*To go that extra mile and get the best return on investment. Seriously I cannot recommend Home Staging enough.
*You have no idea how much this can get you above your asking price. We have seen it before our own eyes.
*Not sure how to go about it, leave it to us. We do full installations, partial installations or consultations.
*Simply contact us and we will cater and help you to your needs

Good Luck with your selling campaign!!!

Lisa x

N.B Featured image is courtesy of Scyron Walls- the perfect weatherboard cladding.