Texture- Ways Of Introducing it into Your Home


This subtle and understated element can bring warmth, depth and interest to your home. Texture provides both sight and touch and can make you imagine what something feels like without touching it. For example a chunky, woven throw draped over a sofa or bed, you are able to ‘feel’ the softness and warmth by just looking at it. Texture can be layered and the more variety of texture the better. Not only practical, it can give the feeling of softness especially in a bedroom.

  1. Texture can be an exposed brick wall, if used in an unexpected place like a feature wall or entry. The texture of a brick wall will give depth and interest as light plays on it during the day or from lighting at night. It also gives character or lends an industrial feel, linking it to other building materials, like reclaimed timber or faux concrete render.
  2. Don’t hesitate to layer rugs to bump up the texture in a room or space. Combine both neutral, natural fibre beneath and a coloured patterned rug on top. Or alternatively a shag pile or cowhide rug on top of a patterned area.
  3. Try textured wallpaper as this is a great way to make a space luxurious without looking too over the top. Different finishes to the wallpaper create different effects in the room. Satin finishes have a smooth texture that reflects light and gives an opulent feeling, whilst matt-textured and embossed papers can help create a rich ‘library’ masculine feel.
  4. Your sofa, armchairs or bedhead are obvious places to use texture in how they are upholstered. Sumptuous, butter-soft velvet is a plush statement. It is usually best to offset this indulgent look and feel by keeping other furnishings and elements in the room more sparse, hard-edged and contemporary.
  5. Nature is the perfect place for inspiration for texture. Use natural elements as accent pieces to set a laid-back mood and to help modern spaces feel more lived in; logs, branches, plants, stone or shells used in your décor ramps up texture.
  6. Still on trend, add a sheepskin it provides an easy cosiness to any room. Their pillow-soft texture and over the top fluffiness make them effective in making hardwood or concrete floors look warm and inviting.
  7. Modern kitchens consist often of smooth hard surfaces for practical purposes. A textured splashback can break up an expanse of smooth textures while keeping a contemporary look using 3D tiles. A more traditional farmhouse feeling kitchen can be enhanced using a sisal rug, displaying glass jars filled with pasta or by using a woven basket as a fruit bowl.
  8. A 1970’s throwback they maybe but macramé knotted wall hangings bring instant texture to a bare wall and more warmth to a contemporary room.

    Well I hope that has given you some inspiration on different ways of introducing texture into your home. I can never get my hands on enough texture, layer upon layer I say. It just gives so much personality and character to your home. Thankyou Pinterest once again for the inspiration pics. So on that note let your imagination run wild and have fun! Lisa x