On Trend – Introducing Traditional Classic into Your home


You’ll discover that timeless classics can be introduced into your space with a little contemporary spin…personally I love this kind of look.

We are noticing that our styling jobs in and around the Geelong area are appreciating and requesting this kind of addition to their home décor.

Taking inspiration from the past isn’t anything new, but it doesn’t stop us from wanting to find fresh new ways to use it. Now traditional design ideas and materials are being explored and manipulated in new manners and we just can’t shake our love of the classic detailing. Velvety finishes, antique metals and plush detailing are being presented with contemporary twists. They’re being partnered with up to date patterns and colour palettes.


Tufted furniture in which fabric is pulled and folded into a pattern, secured by buttons, is now appearing on contemporary furniture. Mix and match patterns. A plain tufted bedhead against a large format graphic wallpaper can look amazing.


Style up your furniture with studding, a classic detailing technique in which a nailhead trim is added to furniture to give it a unique attitude. It is a particularly stylish detail for dressing up plain upholstered fabrics on furniture. Sofas and Occasional Chairs are great pieces to showcase a studded finish: by adding it to the arms, follow the top of the sofa or along the edge of a base at the front. Choose an oversized stud to stand out. Studs can also be used on tufted bedhead boards effectively…a double whammy!


Antique metals such as gold and brass, have been popping up on lighting and tapware. As accents on furniture such as metal legs on a plush velvet armchair. This is often used as a guaranteed way to bring warmth to cool, contemporary colour schemes. Used well, they throw a sophisticated glow on minimal or industrial style surroundings.


It’s no surprise marble continues to be popular. The classic stone’s elegant patinas form natural artworks that bring a touch of luxury to your space. A marble-topped coffee table with antique metal legs makes an elegant centrepiece in a living room accompanied with a tufted and studded sofa or armchairs in a soft velvet.


Whatever the colour, the texture and sheer stroke ability of this fabric, it has the power to transform an unremarkable piece of furniture into something that feels incredibly decadent. Add a velvet surface or two to gain a little extra luxury, whether it be a sofa, chair, ottoman or cushions.

So with the design elements mentioned above you can see that Traditional Classic doesn’t have to be over the top. With a little injection here and there throughout your home you will find it will give a sense of comfort and style…an almost luxe feel!

If you’re still unsure on where to start with this look, velvet cushions are a good option. This time of the year there are plenty of styles and colours to choose from.

Have fun styling!
Lisa x

*Images courtesy of Pinterest