What is Fusion Mineral Paint?


FUSION mineral paint is unique on the marketplace and unlike any other paint out there.
With the trend of DIY furniture and up cycling, it was formulated to withstand wear and tear of furniture and kitchen cabinets with minimum fuss.

FUSION Mineral paint’s main advantages are:
* a built in Top Coat (100% pure acrylic resin, non-yellowing)
*Price $$ (fantastic coverage, long shelf life)
*Quality and durability (scratch and water resistant once cured)
* Eco friendly (non-toxic and low VOC’s)
* One step self-levelling application and beautiful satin finish
* Minimal prep work necessary

FUSION mineral paint, like all paints, comprise 3 main elements:
1. Binder
2. Minerals
3. Solvent (water)

FUSION comprises only of natural minerals and carbon which create the vivid depth of colour you experience with this product. As is the case when working with natural products there is a tendency towards minor variations, which is not a defect, but a beauty of nature and it can be worked into the paint, resulting in a uniform finish.

The most exciting factor of FUSION paint is the endless ways in which it can be used. Painting furniture, raw timber, pre finished items e.g. lacquered, high gloss, laminate, plastics, glass or metal finishes.  Working on these pre finished items can be easily achieved by a little amount of prep: light sanding, washing to remove grease and solvent to remove wax. What were once “impossible” surfaces to work on can now be possible by applying a coat of FUSION Ultra Grip after sanding/washing and waiting 12 hours, you can then continue using FUSION mineral paint ….making the impossible possible.

You can also use FUSION in many different effects. Your pieces can also be:
* Distressed
* Antique glazed
* Crackled
* Gilded
* Embossed
* Sandstone textured
* Tinted with iridescent metallic accents
Your options are endless and it’s up to your creativity and/or purpose.

Marks can easily be removed using a damp cloth, however if concerned about keeping clean, then your piece can be finished off by applying Tough Coat or Beeswax finish.

Durability is dictated by your piece curing. Be gentle with your finished item for the first 21 days, as this is how long it will take to cure. Drying and curing are two separate things. Dry time refers to the touch or tackiness within an hour or two. Curing, alternatively, is all the solvent (water) in the paint evaporating and the paint becoming it’s hardest and most durable.

FUSION offers everything a painter needs but especially accommodates painters of ALL levels of experience and aims to take away the intimidation of many decorative faux finishes.

We are super excited to be a stockist of this beautiful and easy to use product. We hope you enjoy using it as much as we do.


Lisa x

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