Decorating For Your Personality

Ok, well let’s face it we are all guilty of following fashion trends and wanting to show that we are up with the latest best ‘thing’. Let’s be honest, social media has a lot to answer for like Instagram, as to the renovator reality TV shows like The Block and House Rules.

So we should really be letting our home interiors reflect and compliment our unique personality type. Don’t worry if things aren’t all in the same colour scheme. If they’re pieces you truly love, a chair in your favourite colour or fabric, a rug or throw that you purchased on your travels. These will lend your home plenty of personality…and yours.









A gallery wall or collage of special pictures and quotes or random items like wall hangings, steer heads, hooks etc can make interesting talking points and makes the collage 3D. Collages can work in any space within the home: I particularly like creating them in a hallway, office or bedroom.
Travel pics or posters, pages from a music book, birthday or celebrated cards/invitations framed, are all personality display items that an be used.

An office/study area is another spot where your personality can show. A little OCD, neat and tidy, with clean lines. Or are you a creative messy type with piles of paper with your empty cuppa, yesterdays mail, a plant on the desk and a thousand things on the go…I think this is sounding a little too familiar!

A bright and comfortable living space is essential for entertaining friends and family. A casual comfortable space using a modular sofa provides seating that’s adjustable when you need it and far less formal than two sofas facing each other. Add cushions and throws in styles and colours you love for extra comfort, texture and layering.

For quality time, having a meal with loved ones is important. To keep things cosy and intimate with a dining nook: a banquette bench provides more space for seating and works well in small spaces. It also allows you the chance to display your personality through fabric and cushions. On the other hand you may enjoy a grand occasion and the chance to impress your guests in a formal setting, complete with a chandelier, crystal glasses, fine china and three course meal of fine dining..

Whatever you personality, your home is definitely where you want to feel happy, comfortable, and secure, so don’t be afraid of decorating it to suit you: even if it’s not the latest generic styling that fashion is dictating.

You never know, you may start the next new trend. Instagram that!

Have fun styling
Lisa x