Mood Boards


It’s an arrangement of images, materials, pieces of text to evoke or project a particular style or concept.

It is a way to collect information in order to prepare for a new project, whether it is a new home, a renovation or just a room revamp.

Mood boards are also sometimes called Inspiration or Concept Boards and are used not only for Interior Design but also, in fashion, garden design and artworks.

They are used as a link between initial thoughts or meeting and the first draft of your project.

Mood Boards can either be digital images or a physical board depending on personal preference or how you wish to present your thoughts to a customer, to show them the type of atmosphere the new décor will create.

Fabric samples and paint chip samples for example can all be thrown together, but it’s a true talent to curate these items to create an interior best suited to you. Interior designers/stylists can source items and options that aren’t just a replicate of an image but can spark an emotional response or feeling.

Let’s face it we all need to feel good about where we reside. We need to love where we live and to make our house a home.

Let us at Higheight Home & Living be the curators of your new home, renovation or room revamp. We have been helping clients with their projects in the Geelong, Golden Plains, Surfcoast, Bellerine and surrounding areas.

Here are some samples of Mood Boards we created  for a local builder GJ Gardner Homes, the four concepts represent a Coastal Living.