The Revived Mimco Handbag

Recently a customer saw one of our posts about painting fabric with Fusion Mineral Paint. This got her curious as she had a Mimco handbag that was a combination of leather and canvas. The tan leather was still in perfect condition but the canvas fabric had really faded.

Upon visiting our store one day to enquire about what this paint was. We introduced her to Fusion Mineral Paint. We assured her that this handbag was not ready to go to heaven yet and that we would love the opportunity to revive it…after all what did we-she have to loose. We explained the simple steps and process on how to go about the project. The customer openly admitted that she would not have the patience or confidence in tackling such a thing… So yes we were up for the challenge and offered our services.

Here is how we went about the transformation:

We chose Fusion Mineral Paint’s Metallic Copper, as we thought this colour would compliment the coppery-gold accessories already on the bag. The Copper Metallic is a striking deep burnt sienna colour. So with a well layered artists brush of paint off we went and put our painting skills to the test. The paint went on beautifully and had such great coverage that only one coat of paint was required. The bag was painted by freehand and occasionally some paint went over the edges onto the leather. But that was ok because with a lint free cloth it was wiped off immediately and there was no evidence left behind.

The bag was then left for 24 hours to dry.

To finish off our project we gave the bag a light sand with a very fine grit sandpaper…and I mean light. This was to soften the fabric so it didn’t have such a painted look, making it more natural looking.

We then rubbed a small amount of Fusion Beeswax on the fabric to give the bag a more supple feel to touch and to the eye.

The end result we were extremely happy with and not to mention our customer was very impressed and ecstatic.

Take a look at the Before and After shots we are sure you will also be impressed…and remember ‘ Paint it Beautiful’

Lisa x