Teesdale Family Home Sold- Property Styling

July 2017

A big thank you to Lisa for coming and styling my home in Teesdale before it went up for sale. This lovely lady gave me lots of advice, made suggestions and moved things around, the end result made me much more relaxed about ‘opening the doors.’ I was a bit nervous about the process as I love some of my quirky bits and pieces and I’m sentimentally attached to some old family pieces of furniture.  Lisa worked with it all and managed to give the house a look l loved.  Having someone come into your home and look at it with fresh eyes is great and Lisa is very ‘hands on’, she doesn’t just make suggestions ,she gets in there and physically does it.  We had lots of lovely comments from people inspecting the house about its presentation too. Now the house is sold I have a very happy husband who is allowed to put his Footy Fixture back on the fridge and can make his toast and leave the toaster on the bench!  No more nagging!  Thanks again Lisa!

Kaye Hower