Newport Townhouse- Interior Styling

May 2015

I approached Lisa from High Eight-Home and Living design requiring assistance with interior styling as I was in approaching completion of a townhouse I was building.

After numerous meetings and throwing ideas around, the end result was amazing which I couldn’t have achieved without Lisa’s input.

One thing I liked about Lisa was her ability to listen to any ideas I came forward with and incorporate them in a manner which resulted in the finished furnished home looking a treat, much beyond my initial expectations. Another positive of Lisa is that she actually takes note of any budget restrictions you may have and works to deliver to that.

I found the whole experience to be stress free and fun at the same time. The shopping days together with were one of the highlights of the project. She knew the places to go in search of those hidden gems. Lisa even went above and beyond on the services provided on my project. On the actual day of styling my place, she bought various extra items to tie everything together.

I would recommend Lisa from High-Eight Home and Living to anyone who is building, styling or even just wanting a fresh new look.


Newport, Victoria