Styling with Plants in Your Home


This season finds indoor plants still very on trend to introduce to your home décor and styling environment. With Pantones colour of the year being ‘Greenery’ how appropriate to add foliage as your greenery influence. There are many ways you can introduce foliage into different areas of your home. Here are some examples to get you inspired.

KITCHEN- the most obvious plants to use in this area are herbs, not only are they practical but with the many varieties available they also look effective in a grouping and also give off a fresh aroma. Also on a positive note there are herbs that give positive energy to your area like sage, rosemary, oregano and basil. If your home is a contemporary style display the herbs in concrete pots. If you have a country style kitchen try some old recycled tins and line the different herbs on your window sill. If you would like to introduce plants in your kitchen area other than herbs try Mother’s Tongue, Aloe Vera and Succulents. These are all interesting varieties to use because of their variegated leaves, texture and shape.


BATHROOM- plants look lovely in a bathroom but it can be a difficult room to keep plants alive due to low light, humidity and warm temperatures. If you are fortunate enough to have a large ensuite or bathroom a collection of different height plants  in the corner displayed in different sized concrete pots looks amazing. If you have limited space most bathroom plants work well on a floating shelf, window sill or hanging from the ceiling. Plant varieties that will perform  well in your bathroom are Boston Fern, Spider Plant, Maiden Hair Fern, Succulents, Orchids and the Peace Lily. Don’t forget there is also the artificial option if you are not confident in keeping plants alive in this area.

LIVING ROOM- BIGGER the better when it comes to indoor plants or even trees for this area. Using large plants or trees will add height and a different dimension to your room, they are also a  great way of uplifting or bringing your room alive. If you have a bare corner, once again foliage is a good option for solving this problem and not to mention a cheaper option rather than buying a piece of furniture. There are some lovely pots and plant stands on the market at present to display your plants in. Styles that will suit the décor in your room, like ceramic, timber, concrete or metal. My suggestions of plants to use for this area are the Rubber Tree, Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree, Bird of Paradise and Ferns.

OUTDOOR AREA- vertical gardens what more can I say. They look absolutely fabulous on a bare brick wall. Vertical gardens can be your wall art substitute, they once again bring an area alive, use different colours and varieties of foliage to dress your space. If you need some inspiration Pinerest has some amazing designs.

So if you are not the green thumb type, artificial plants and foliage are always a good option. You can buy good quality artificial plants and foliage these days, so do not feel deterred about taking this option. To let you in on a little secret I have artificial plants and trees in my home…thumbs up!  So on that note get creative and have fun styling!

Lisa x

P.S We have a great variety of artificial plants, pots and plant stands available  in store and online. Here are my picks: