Creating Vignettes in Your Home

What is a Vignette you say?… a French word meaning “little vine”…

Vignettes are short, impressionistic scenes that focus on one moment or give a particular insight into a character, idea or setting.
So for quick, easy and economical décor updates around your home, create little ‘vignettes’ in each room, this is done by grouping a collection of items to suit the theme of the room.
This particular style of decorating is perfect for small spaces or if you wish to declutter your room.
A lot of you know I am made for a grouping so I thought is topic most appropriate. Here are some ideas on how to create ‘vignettes’ within your home.

BATHROOM AREA- quite sterile places this vignette can create life and texture by using timber, plants, rolled up towels, glass, lotions and potions. Those decorator items can be timber trays, wire storage baskets, glass storage jars, beautifully packaged hand soap and handcreams and potted plants.

KITCHEN AREA- this vignette can be where you introduce something quirky or interesting opposing the practicalities of a functioning kitchen. Display your collection at the end of an island bench, appliance bench area, on floating shelves, a buffet or dining table.

A collection of different shaped and sized cheese boards look ideal leaning on your splashback bench area, timber always adds warmth to an area. Or even different shaped glass bottles with freshly picked herbs, oils and vinaigrettes can look effective in this area. If you need to add colour to your kitchen use a tray or 3-tiered stand if you need some height and add bits and pieces like- a collection of cookbooks, a vase of colourful flowers, a bowl of fruit or candles. Display this grouping at the end of your island bench or dining table. Use these areas to layer up or layer down, here are some images showing what I mean by this. You will find a lot of these items you already have in your cupboards or gardens, it’s just a matter of being creative and putting it together. I have shown a lot more images of examples as I know majority of you are more visual. So I hope these help.


LIVING ROOM AREA- the obvious surface area for creating vignettes in this room is coffee tables but you can also create them on side tables, consoles or bookshelves. Items such as designer/coffee table books, candles, candlesticks, a vase of blooms, statues, photo frames, artifacts and indoor plants can all add an impact to your area.


BEDROOM AREA- not only a place to sleep but a peaceful retreat. Your bedside table may have limited space but you can also create vignettes on a tallboy or dressing table. Decorator items for your bedroom can be lamps, books, jewellery boxes, crosses, photo frames, perfume bottles, potted plants, a vase of flowers and once again lotions and potions. For a vintage look imagine a glass tray on your dressing table displaying antique perfume bottles. Or for a more contemporary look try designer books, a small potted plant and photo frame in your space.

I hope this has giving you some inspiration on how to create your own ‘vignettes’ within your home. You will find your spaces will tell a story and often reflect your personality or style. If you are needing some key pieces to add to your collections here are my picks of the day. These items are available instore and online.

Get creative and have fun styling!!!

Lisa x